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Our support is very much a collective effort, If you’d like to find out more about our services – please contact one of our licensed advisors

David Wilkinson

David comes with more than 38 years of banking and wealth management experience, 27 of these in Hong Kong. A founding partner of  WMG. David considers himself to be apart of an exceptional team that collectively has, and continues to assist those passionate about preserving or pursuing financial freedoms. 


Telephone:+852 3112 0525 

Michael Mccarthy

Michael assisted in establishing Great Britain Estates out of Wealth Management Group in 2016 .
Coming from London to Hong Kong and bringing extensive experience in the UK buy to let market, financing and limited company structures. Michael has overseen multiple high-level developments.
+852 3752 3088

William (Bill) Mcneice

Bill is the acting Responsible Officer at WMG. After a successful career in Civil Engineering construction management in the UK and South Africa, Bill decided on a change in direction and entered the financial services industry. Now with over twenty years experience, Bill is the director of an IFA firm in Northern Ireland along side his responsibilities as wealth management professional at WMG.

Direct Dial:
+852 3176 3745
+852 6343 4736

Neil Thomas

Neil has more than 30 years experience in global financial markets as an investor, private client adviser and investment banker. Neil Started his career at Leeman brothers in Japan before moving into the private sector as a founding partner of WMG in 2006.

+852 3112 0524 Mobile: